Nation Medical Inc Reserves the right to hold a No Refund and No Return policy on all purchases made.


When you purchase your prescription, you expressly acknowledge and agree that Nation Medical Inc. (or a third party payment processor) is authorized to charge you for the price of your chosen plan in addition to any and other charges set forth during the purchase process.


Patient is required to visit the following link on our website to request any and all prescription refills. Nation Medical will NOT automatically refill prescriptions on patients behalf.

TERMINATION FOR NON PAYMENT: The patient agrees that any treatment they have purchased will be charged for the given 2.5 month period. TRT NATION shall be in no way liable for any damages caused by the termination of such services. TRT NATION reserves the right to terminate services at any time for any account in delinquency.

COLLECTION COST: Patient agrees to pay all fees associated with the collection of the delinquent account under this agreement or otherwise in enforcing the terms of this agreement. Any such litigation shall be performed in the state of Florida.

TRT NATION cannot be held liable for any interruptions of the provided services. TRT Nation reserves the right to terminate services at any time.